Client Services

Our business is to find the right talent for your business whether it is on a local, regional, or national level.  Therefore, we follow a proven methodology to ensure that we work closely with our clients to find the types of individuals who meet the specifications of the job.


Developing Search Specifications and Strategies

Before accepting an assignment, we meet with the company's management team to gain an in-depth understanding of the position, the organization, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the company or group.

Researching companies; Locating and Contacting Targeted Individuals

We use the selection criteria to identify target companies and candidates.  Our industry specialization and existing database helps speed things up as we already know many of the companies and the members of management that could produce candidates.

Informing, Screening  and Evaluating Targeted Individuals

After narrowing our target list, we begin screening and evaluating.  We interview them in-depth, and in person whenever possible, before submitting their credentials to the client.

Providing Candidate Summaries and Reviews to Client

As standout target candidates are found, we present the client with a professional and personal summary for each candidate.  At the request of the client, we will conduct reference checks  at this point, typically industry contacts familiar with the candidate's work.

Facilitating Offer, Closure and Follow Up

We then facilitate resolution of issues and offer acceptance by the candidate.  We work with and represent the client in offer discussions, and will follow up with the client during the first 90 days of employment to get feedback on the new employee.